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     Helen is a smart, beautiful lady, who recently gained admission into the university. Helen’s joy knew no bound as the day of her school resumption drew close. However, her consistent low back pain as well as the steady rise in her body temperature, which often got worst at night, has pose a major health concern to both Helen and her family. According to Helen, she’s use to fetching water with a bucket on her head, from the ground floor to the last floor of a storey building. And so this got her wondering if that could be the cause of her pains. She was made to run series of tests at the hospital, and was found to have high grade kidney infection.
On proper clerking, it was learnt that a week prior to the week Helen noticed the pain, she has had series of symptoms like urinary frequency, urgency and discharge. She wasn’t so familiar with the symptoms and so she just ignored them. Luckily for her, the symptoms disappeared and she thought her problem has been solved, until she began to feel sharp pain at her lower back the following week and so she decided to consult her health expert. Fortunately for her, she placed on some medications for some days by her health expert and her health restored back normal.                       The kidney is a very delicate and vital organ and it plays a very crucial role in keeping our body healthy. It’s works to remove certain waste like urine from our body. However, this  waste product in form of urine is collected in a place called the kidney pelvis.The waste products are then passed out into the bladder via a tub called the ureter. Since the urinary system houses the kidney, ureter and bladder, bacteria from an infected ureter tube or bladder if not detected and treated on time, can find its way into the kidney pelvis and this can lead to severe kidney infection.
Again, the movement of this bacteria, into the kidney pelvis can also be enhance with sexual activities. This act has the tendency to enhance bacteria movement from one point to another.

Don’t mess around with your health. Always pay attention to the difference signs and symptoms you could be experiencing in your body and never hesitate to consult your health expert.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated, because healthy kidneys are a must for a healthy body.

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1. What was the cause of Helen’s low back ache?

2. What was the cause of Helen’s frequent Urination?

3. Why was Helen diagnosed of a severe kidney infection?

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