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Special programs and services are available to our member and the public from time to time.

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Nigeria’s One-Stop Online Pharmacy – PharmPlug
We are tackling the problems of access to and cost of quality medication especially for patients with Non communicable diseases in Nigeria. We are operational in the cities of Enugu and Lagos state at this time. Other states coming soon!

Healthcare just got easier!
Pharmplug is an online pharmacy and telemedicine platform. We make it easy and convenient for people to order and refill their prescription. We work with different standard community and wholesale pharmacies around the country. No more driving around different pharmacies looking for an out-of-stock medicine; Pharmplug has got this covered.

Non communicable disease, NCDs management is cheaper with pharmplug
We pay special attention to our patients that have chronic medical conditions. That is, patients who suffer from diabetes, chronic pain, hypertension, erectile dysfunction, cancer etc, can now get their prescription at a whopping 15% discount for life! We know the impact of buying drugs on a monthly basis and we choose to make it easier for people.

How pharmplug works for you
We work with different PCN and Nafdac approved community and wholesale pharmacies in Nigeria after assessing their modes of procurement and storage methods. We have a standard level agreement with the facilities as concerns packaging because our patients privacy is of high priority to us.
When we get an order from you, our operations personnel quickly process it and send to a pharmacy closest to you. You can then just walk into the pharmacy and pick up your medications or choose from other measures we have for pick up.

How we make delivery easy for you
We have 3 options for delivery:

  1. Self pick up
  2. 3rd party delivery bike companies
  3. 3rd party verified auto-rickshaw (keke) riders

Our promise is to ensure the availability of all your medications, package and conceal your medications in the right conditions of storage and get them to you in good condition
Seat back and relax while we remember your refill dates...Please use the auto refill button

Why are we the most preferred online pharmacy?
Our interest is not just selling or dispensing drugs to you. We are more focused on ensuring you use your medications the right way and that you don't have adverse drug reactions especially from interactions from other multiple drugs you use or from foods or food supplements you take.
Therefore, we have a full scale medication therapy management services for our patients, especially the ones on chronic treatment. We provide answers and emergency interventions during the periods between your doctor appointment, ensure you take your drugs the right way, assess and evaluate your complete medication therapy, detect adverse drug reactions, prevent medication errors and making suggestions for cheaper alternatives. Our pharmacists are enthusiastic to follow up on you!

| Who We Are

PharmPlug is a subsidiary of Dot3 Global Resources Ltd. We are amongst one of Nigeria’s top online pharmacy and medical care platforms that enables you to order pharmaceutical and healthcare products online by connecting you to registered retail pharmacies and get them delivered to your home. We are an online pharmacy store, making your purchase easy, simple, and affordable!

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