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You are what you eat!

Proper nutrition is the foundation of good health.
When you make a conscious effort to eat better, you provide the body the nutrients it needs to carry out necessary functions.
What you eat affects your health as well as your risk for certain diseases and illnesses.

To support health and prevent diseases follow these fundamental philosophies.

Fruits and Vegetables are cornerstone of eating well:

The best way to eat fruits is raw and vegetables raw or steamed. This protects many of the delicate nutrients and natural enzymes that are often damaged with cooking or boiling.

Drink Clean, And Hydrate Often:

If you haven’t been convinced of the importance of sufficient water consumption yet, how about adding anti-aging and weight loss support to water’s benefits? Water is an excellent weight loss tool. If you drink water
approximately half an hour before meals it may provide a feeling of satiety and prevent overeating.
Sufficient quantities of water are essential to avoid unsightly early wrinkling of the skin.

Meat :

Pork and red meat—processed or cured—pose the greatest health risks. If you want to include meat in your diet, choose healthier meat options like fish,seafood, turkey, and chicken. Keep in mind that even these choices can be made unhealthy depending on how they are cooked.

Fats :

Fat obviously plays a very important role within the human body and is necessary in small quantities in one’s diet

The Harmful Substances Lurking In Your Food:

Refined sugar, or sucrose, is devoid of all nutrients and is nothing more than a pleasing sweet taste of empty calories. Aside from the quick burst of energy it
provides, it has only detrimental effects on health. It promotes tooth decay, leaches calcium from the body, destroys the balance between calcium and phosphorus, is addictive, depletes the body of vitamins and minerals, causes mood swings and uncontrollable personality changes, and contributes to degenerative conditions.

So eat right always to ensure good health and graceful aging. A balanced meal is the surest way for good health. The food pyramid below shows the classes of food and how much one should consume of them.

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